Fayth & Drea Flying in Suspension

15:00 video

I love love love being suspended in rope, even if it only inches from the ground but this time..I am atleast 25 feet off the ground. You watch as I am rigged up a bit then I go up, and further up. You can see instantly that I am in my special place. My girl Drea Morgan is filming but keep in mind she in getting a beautiful body harness roped on her naked body as she films but she doesn't miss me going on up, just a bit shakey but for good reason. I am at peace as I pose for some artistic photos. I fly and play with the ropes that hold me high in the sky under this beautiful tree canopy. I see what i can do while I am in my sub space place. Soon Drea joins me in the sky in an indian sitting style suspension. Her and I play like 2 puppets. We swing with each other then she gets a brilliant lovely idea on how to keep us swinging..by pulling my hair to hold me close. We kiss and we laugh and we have a wonderful time in the sky in awesome smelling fresh hemp rope. Now this is a day I will never forget and I have Sir Giotto, Lew Rubens, and our host at the tree house, Stephen, and all the other awesome energy by the others watching to thank for this beautiful experience!! ps. Im scared of heights but what better way to face my fear!

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