Bonus Update: Pepper & Fayth Ultimate Ass Match

11:12 video

Introducing Pepper Sterling and her beautiful ass.  I challenge her to the ultimate ass wrestling match while wearing only thongs. We look and feel and slap each others comparing the others ass, insisting our own is better, with each of us confident in winning this 3 round bum battle.  I lay out the rules, the first round is standing bum to bum and we must try and get the other out with only the strength of our butts. Round 2, we get down on our hands and knees and must the other out of the ring using only our butts and the third round, hands and feet only on the ground, bent over and the first to be face sat, loses.  In each round we bounce our butts off eachothers, giving it all we got.  We rub, we bump and we grind our posteriors into the others.  Immediatly i realize this is going to be more challenging that i originally anticipated but I dont let defeat let me down, but i keep going strong as she does too until the end.  The ultimate winner is really unclear until the very end...Once again...undefeated..Fayth is still the ass wrestling champion, but not with out a fight from Pepper.  Good she is willing to do some training and admits to her desire for another match in the future.  What a great match up to say the least

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