1 Balloon, 3 Blow to Pops - AMAZING!!

5:52 video

I have a special balloon that was given to me as a gift.  Its a long and curvy balloon that is painted with many bright colors.  its so pretty and as you can see, I am happily shocked with its appearances as soon as i start inflating it.  I sit in my business attire and begin this fun blow to pop attempt. Once I inflate it about 1/2 way, it Pops!  I am very disappointed but also shocked that it popped so prematurely, but I am not done.  I find the shards and realize that I can blow air into one of the shards although it doesnt have a neck, I give it a blow anyways.  So I get my mouth figured out on the shard and I blow and I blow,  I am happy that I can keep enjoying this balloon and even happier when i blow to pop this shard once again.  I'm smiling but once i find and pick up the shards once again, I am even happier knowing that I just might be able to get a 3rd blow to pop out of this 1 balloon.  Wow, lets try..so I blow and I blow after commenting and explaining and even kind interrupted from someone off screen if i want a beer.  Why not, this calls for celebration.  But With this last shard, I manage to get my lips on it and my air into it.  I don't let my mouth leave this 3rd shard until once again, I blow to pop it.  WOW, This was such a wonderful first time experience with 1 awesome balloon and 3 separate blow to pops!  I sure am smiling now, now where is that beer;)

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