Inside Water Balloon Fill2Pop

39:30 video

Its time to do yet another first in all my years of popping balloons.  I have an audience of local friends aka my safety crew, I have my mom present to take pictures and I have my girlfriend holding the video camera. I also have my coconut oil, a huge climb-in pink balloon, a big outdoor space and my Speedo swimsuit on.  I'm ready!  First I lube myself up with lots of coconut oil to make sure i can slide into this small neck of the balloon.  Once I'm lubed up, I start w one foot, then then next.  Thanks to the lube, getting my lower half of my body into this balloon was not nearly as hard as i thought it would be.  The Speedo swimsuit was what made it challenging to get my torso through it as the hose is filling it up more and more.  I take my time as i don't want my body parts to pop it, only the water from over filling it.  I eventually get my one arm in, them my other.  Soon I am crouched down in a ball with my shoulders inside too.  The water keeps on flowing as I talk casually about how if it wasn't for the hose at my throat, id probably be choking due to the tightness of the balloon neck around my throat.  The more water that fills up the balloon, the more freedom I get with my body.  I must be careful to not poke my toes or fingers to the edge.  My audience and I talk and tell stories and come up with all the things i look like as the water fills up the balloon surrounding me.  I look like a Mentos, a boob implant, pepto-bismol, It almost looks  like the balloon is giving birth to me as well. Having non looner present is what makes conversation so fun.  Their comments are priceless. The water thankfully isn't too cold.  I am in my own personal luke-warm hot tub, aren't you jealous?  We talk about lots of things to include my interactions with the local cops to what time it is since I am about to have a party once this thing does explode.  I have a hard time with my body's position as the water is wanting to spread out making me have to be one with the water.  Once it gets huge, I am able to sit on my butt inside so my back isn't arches awkwardly.  Its so big, i cant touch either side with my feet or my hands.  This is amazing!  After more fun talking and water filling up around me and comments of the balloon getting bigger than the mats i put on the ground and me trying to wobble it and roll, I'm in the middle of a story when all of a sudden it explodes creating a flood and screaming of shock from all that are watching.  Everyone's shoes got wet and everyone is smiling, even me as my body plops on the ground as i was floating inside this huge water balloon moments before.  As the water floats everything and my mom is safely on my motorcycle keeping her from floating away, i stand up and show you the awesome way it popped leaving me with a nice bib and even a super balloon cape.  Now I'm ready to conquer the world! What a fantastic first time inside the biggest water balloon I've ever seen and been inside! Smiles all around! Mission accomplished!

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