RCR 1 Way Valve Blow to Pop

20:40 video

A very dear friend of mine in Germany gifted me a very special and rare RCR crystal clear printed balloon and also gave me my first 1 way valve to try out.  I've never used a one way valve before so before I begin blowing I tell you my thoughts and make it very clear this is entirely new to me.  I manage to stretch the RCR balloon onto the valve and discuss my thoughts of it maybe popping off once its fully inflated..I am nervous but excited at the same time.  Once I have it on the valve, I get comfy on the couch and start blowing.  This is a bit different since im not used to not having to hold it tightly with my fingers so air doesn't escape.  I hear a bit of a leak but the bigger the balloon gets the less it leaks..Very cool!I realize my lips aren't long enough so the valve pushes hard on my upper lip but this doesn't stop me from blow and blowing.  I cant believe this balloon is so large as i get more and more nervous about it popping.  What a beautiful huge printed balloon.  I do think I will do exactly what is stated on the balloon, I will blow it until it pops!  I shake and blow as you can see my true feeling on my face but i don't give up.  This is one tough balloon but my lung power is tougher as it burst so loud and so wonderfully.  I am so happy I conquered yet another huge balloon and make it into shards just like it was intended. I gather the shards and show you my accomplishment.  What a great looner challenge this was..My smile shows you that I am one happy girl! Let me know if you would like to see me use this 1-way valve more often..Id love your feedback!

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