Bonus Update: Barrel Full of Laughs

15:31 video

I'm looking for something and I'm pretty sure its at the bottom of this 55 gallon steal barrel.  I bend over looking for it but i cant reach the bottom. As my feet lift off the ground and i keep reaching, my upper body falls into the barrel and i cant get out. I am not stuck upside down barefoot and helpless.  Lexi Lane comes walking by and takes full advantage of my vulnerable state of being.  She tickles my feet and makes fun of me for being stuck head first in the barrel  What a friend.  I beg her for help but instead she tickles my feet profusely and laughs at me and with me.  She is relentless with her tickling torment but since i'm kicking too much for her liking, she decides to duct tape my ankles and knees together so she can get a better tickle to my tootsies.  She tickles and tickles my feet all while i protest from within the barrel.  Her toenails are painted black just like mine as you get a good look at both our bare-feet. She then tips the barrel over as i'm still stuck inside and continues to tickle my feet as she is having way too much fun with me and my situation. I beg her to pull me out and she does try but not hard enough.  I think she prefers me stuck and helpless! She soon rolls the barrel with me inside out of the scene and down the street as i yell and protest all along.

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