Hotel Bondage Gone Too Long

14:08 video

I was excited about this hotel in England as i knew a 4 poster bed was waiting for me and some bondage fun.  Its not often i get a chance to use a bed with the perfect binding spots. So I tell my partner I want to be bound spread eagle and made love too, but he had a different idea all along.  He bound my my arms as far apart as they would go with lamp tassels, uses 2 of his belts to bind my upper thighs very tightly together and then uses his moms scarf to bind my ankles together and to the bottom of the bed post.  Well, i guess I wont be getting any love tonight...geesh.  So he walks in after leaving me bound like this way too long.  I protest and i complain as I have been and he says that there has been complaints coming from the hotel management and guests that there is loud noise coming from our room and he isn't having any of that, so he grabs 2 of his dirty socks and gags me with them, saying that he still has a pint at the hotel bar and he owes some blokes some pints too, that he will be right back.  I struggle with all my might as all im wearing is a pair of full back panties.  My wrists are hurting and the taste in my mouth is horrible.  I struggle and I gag talk but its really no use as my gagged protest are going to silent ears in the pub.  I do manage to slip the scarf off of my ankles but its really no use when my wrists are so well bound. He comes back in as he forgot his cigarettes and rebinds my 1 ankle with the scarf and leaves me again.  What a guy, what a guy...I soon struggle myself to XXXX as it is super late and well, maybe this is a nightmare.  I then wake up to him coming back in the room, as i have no idea what time it is..He says is 9 in the morning now..I completely go frantic as he removes my gag and he says sorry but he was having fun in the 24 hour pub.  I tell him to F off and everything else.  This isn't cool, leaving me bound all night  long when all i wanted was a bound love making session, not a alone all by myself gagged and bound.  I cant believe him.  Guess i wont be asking him to bind me again thinking i'm gonna get some hot action..Wow.  What would you do?

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