Auntie Blaze & I Pop Your Balloon Stash

26:37 video

I have been battling with my son to keep his balloon stash away from me but of course he keeps begging me to get Auntie Blaze to come over and pop them but i keep saying no.  Auntie B will not pop balloons for you, she has better things to do.  But this time, i couldn't resist in calling my sister up and having her meet me at my storage unit that i hardly ever visit.  My son has decided to "hide" his blown up balloon stash right in front of my face and in the most obvious of places and Auntie B is here to help me destroy your stash. We walk into the room with at-least 300+ balloons inflated of all sizes and colors and prints.  These must be his favorites but he was obviously too scared to pop any of them since he is such a pussy and scared of his own shadow.  Auntie B and I know exactly what to do.  We decide to record our devious popping fun so all he has left in the room is a shitton of shards and a video tape showing him own fearless we are and how cowardly he is.  As we make our way into and through the room, the balloons burst without us even trying. Once we are inside, we get to work on destroying his stash.  We squeeze so many with our finger nails with no fear.  We bite many of them to their demise. We step on many with our heals.  Auntie Blaze looks so good in her business attire as she pops all the balloons she comes in contact me.  She smiles and keeps on popping and of course letting the camera know that she knows her nephew is such a pussy and a wimp for not being able to pop his own balloons.  We open our mouths big and dig our teeth into many biting many to pop as well, spitting that 1 lil shard our of our mouth that always remains.

Auntie B and I light up a cigarette and I show her the best way to burst these harmless loons.  Her and I kiss of XXXX many many balloons. We hold them in our hands and pop many with the cherry.  We hold the fag in our mouth and XXXX the balloon to the smoke and make them go burst.  We even share a balloon and do many double kiss of XXXXs.

We continue this fearless popping until all of them are gone.  We even find his pump and a 24" balloon so Auntie B inflates this huge sucker until it pops. She is such a natural. I use a pin in my mouth to give more loons a pin of kiss of XXXX and Auntie smokes another cig and pops some more with her devious smile and sexy self.

We make remarks of how much of a pussy my son is but i do think we both prove to him that he doesn't get that from this side of the family, his has to be his scaredy kats dads side. 

So once Auntie I pop the very last balloon, we take a look around at the room full of shards and make it very clear we are not cleaning this mess up and if my son doesn't, hes grounded!!!  

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