Spyder Fayth Inflates Many Balloons

15:49 video

I have a huge mission and Spyder Fayth was called in to help with this almost impossible task of filling a room with balloons.  My goal is not to pop any but to simply inflate and tie off as many as I can as fast as I can. The built in gloves that are part of this hoodless zentai suit helps enormously as tying off so many balloons causes blisters but these gloves prevent them, therefor making this mission more feasible than a normal human is capable. I inflated, I tie, I inflate I tie, I blow, I tie, I switch to a better inflator, I tie, I inflate and I tie some more. Thank goodness Spyder Fayth came by to help or else this mission would not have gotten done as fast..stay tuned as she sticks around to help even more later.

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