BONUS: 2 Heals, 2 Extreme Self Gags

26:14 video

I've been commissioned yet again to use my imagination and slight suggestion to gag myself with the toes of high heals as i wear a sexy cowl neck sweater. This time, my friend sent me 2 shoes to use, 1 with a strap through the toe to hold it in my mouth nicely for 1 of the gags, then i use that same show to use wire to wrap around my head in a very strict and tight wire gag. The other shoe was sent to me with the toe bent over on it self and taped nicely so my mouth gets even more filled with the toe. I use blue stretchy like tubing and wow..the more i wrap around my head, the tighter it gets. I actually begin to panic. that doesn't happen often but of course i take time to take a selfy of this and every shoe gag i do in this series before removing the gag from my mouth. The last and even more challenging gag i do on myself is with electrical tape. I ensure my lips are covered with the tape as i wrap the tape around my head many many times. This gag isn't going anywhere. I attempt to gag talk through each shoe gag but damn, these 4 gags were extreme and seriously tight. That's what you get when you leave it up to me to gag myself. Tight, effective and thorough gags!!

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