Hooters Girl Fayth Explodes Balloons

15:56 video

I am fully clad in my Hooters girl outfit, with thick Danskin pantyhose, scrunchy socks, short shorts, and the typical tank top the waitresses wear when they serve. I don't have my sneakers on but socks are great alone;)  So I have a huge stash of balloons and other inflatables that i explain to you and show you all about.  I must decrease the size of my stash before i move out of this studio so popping i must do, lots of it!  I have a wonderful air compressor to help me with this mission.  I talk for a tad and then i grab 3 large balloons and i start inflating them but of course i still chitchat along the way telling you what I'm up too and how i feel and how kinda scared i am when they each get super big.  A Spanish balloon gets huge and pops with some neck still left, the next white balloon is smaller but wow, gets much bigger and makes me nervous prior to popping. These balloons are expanding and shredding completely.  Lastly, I inflate a huge green balloon and I enjoy it getting bigger and bigger as my smile does the same.  The more pops the happier i get. I stop inflating it and test its durability a tad and let the compressor fill back up. But i get back to filling this huge sucker up. I use my hooter sock clad feet to help hold this balloon off the floor as it slowly and surely gets bigger and bigger. I chat with you as usual telling you what im feeling, thinking if its not already obvious with my facial reaction. This inflate to pop shocked me since there was neck left but WOW..that was wonderful and i hope you agree!!

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