Bonus Update: Dragina & Fayth Buried & Tickled by Stranger

13:19 video

One day at the beach, Dragina were looking for treasure but since we had no luck finding it, we decide to use the holes we dug at this public beach to stay a cool in this hot burning Florida sun. I bury Dragina first as this just might be the best and most natural form of sunscreen known to man. She is much cooler underneath with just her head and feet sticking out of the surface of the sand but she sure isn't going to stay comfortable. Once i know she is helpless and cant get revenge, I go seashell hunting for good reason. I come back with lovely hard natural tickle tools and I get to work on her sandy vulnerable bare-feet. I know she would run and fight me if she could but she is buried too well. I love hearing her laugh and beg and plead but that doesn't stop me from tickling poor Dragina. The hot sun is making me sweat and well, sweat and sand don't get along so I hop in our first treasure hunting failed attempt deep hole and cool off. There has been people walking by on this public beach but little did I expect that a strange man would come over and bury me too. I ask the Mr. what he is doing but he silently helps Dragina get revenge altho she is still buried right beside me.  He covers me up with only my head and barefeet exposed to the air and torture at that. He of course builds sand tits on me and I cant do anything about it. He then takes advantage of my damsel situation and tickles my feet. I laugh and I laugh. He tickles Draginas feet too. I cant believe a stranger would do this. You know how everyone has a different favorite place to tickle another person, well Mr here seems to have a preference on a unique place as he digs in the sand between Draginas feet and legs. and he grabs and squeezes her inner thigh hard and rough making her beg anytime he near.  She seems to know the spot well. I on the other hand do not know what this is until he starts digging between my legs and grabs my inner thigh meat and squeezes and kneads and OMG, i think i am going to pee the sand. It hurts and tickles and tickles more. Dragina gets it so much that she figures out how to escape her sand burial and gets her revenge on me. As she tickles my barefeet as the Mr also tortures me too. I cant believe this casual fun time at a nudist beach has turned into this torturous tickle time. I cant stand it any longer so I squirm and wiggle my way out of my sandy bondage predicament and run into the ocean with Dragina trying to get away from this stranger that took all the liberty he could on 2 naked buried woman at a beach.

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