FootPump 2 Pop Huge Yellow Balloon

12:12 video

I have a new way to pop things and this makes me super happy. Its time I test my new footpump out to see if it and my legs have the strength to pop this very large yellow balloon. I believe its a 36" but I could be wrong. All I do know for sure its I want to blow2pop this sucker with the use of my leg strength and foot power. I try to attach the balloon to the hose with a rubber-band but realize it just wont work so I decide to hold and squeeze it on the hose with my fingers and hand. I hope I don't let go. The more I pump my foot up and down the more my thigh muscles are working as I switch legs as I must but keep on pumping air into this huge sucker of a balloon. The bigger it gets the bigger my smile gets. I am super excited and nervous as the neck starts to form. I do what I must to keep it from touching the floor and anything around me. I want it to pop by means of only air and too much pressure and inflation, nothing else. I don't want any accidental pops, but an intentional explosion only! WOW, this is taking much more leg effort than I anticipated as I am working up a sweat making my tank top darken at spots due to my sweat but I don't care, i just keep on pumping and pushing and inflating until BOOOOM. It explodes into several shards and my natural reaction is so genuine and I am so happy I have succeeded at my challenge. I really am liking this foot pump method of exploding balloons. I hope you do too! There more to come in the near future!

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