Inflated Balloon Gifts Left Behind

16:07 video

So I am at my grandmothers house and what better way to show you around her 2nd and 3rd story of her 100 year old home than with some balloons and some stories. I first sit on the bathroom floor and blow up a crystal clear 12" balloon as I explain my plan. Once I am happy with how much air is inside this loon, I tie it off and place it in the shower behind the old fashion shower curtain. I then move on to the 3 bedrooms and have you watch me blow up more clear balloons and tie them off and leave one on a bench in 1 bedroom, on the bed in another bedroom then I show you my old bedroom, everything is still the same, minus the missing bed. I even show you my old Care Bear trashcan that is more than 30 years  I kneel on the old but still comfortable ugly shag carpet and I start blowing, I don't talk much but as I look around and blow up another crystal clear 12", I start crying and I keep on crying but with a smile on my face. I am reminiscing hard about how much this room means to me and really, how much being a youngin is missed. So many feelings and emotions as I blow this balloon up and tie it off. That's a first and i'm glad you could share this moment with me. I have one more place I want to show you and leave an inflated balloon. You and I walk up the stairs to the attic and I get comfy near the few boxes left and old holiday decorations and I use the window light to help see what I'm up too. I blow this one up too ensure I am quiet and not blowing it up too tight so i have room to tie it off. Then I leave this one on the old rocking chair. I hope the spirits up here have fun with it and don't scare gramma with popping it!

****My 90 year old Gramma called me a week later to ask me what she is supposed to do with the balloons in each room. I just laughed and didn't answer her question as she said she will just leave them there.  I guess shes not a popper either;0  

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