Dragina & Fayth Nude Beach Balloon Blast

39:11 video

Dragina n I already have holes dug in the sand as we get comfy in our holes along the Ocean side. You can hear the waves all along as they over rule our voices at times. We always have balloons in our mouths, hands, toes, or crotch for that matter through out, this I promise but other than that, this is as fun as it gets at a public nude beach with a camera set up in front of or behind us.  Everyone walking by sees us filming but still talks to us, a naked stranger even comes by and tickles our feet while we are blowing up balloons until they pop. We get more buried as we just ignore that and keep on minding our own looner business. We drink and are very jolly and as chill and casual as we can be hanging out in our holes at the beach. Even another naked woman makes a quick chatty guest appearance. Yes,shes hydrating too and we are just chitchatting away and she even still lies down in the middle of us knowing she is allergic to balloons.  Geesh, I guess we are welcoming and non threatening in anyway in our sandy huts with our balloons and smiles!  We really enjoy this time just hanging out and getting surprised by the tide coming in over our holes. Since we are on the very coast of Florida, its windy and there were a few inflated and tied off balloons that escaped our grasp and flew down the beach. Lucky them or maybe not;) I eventually crawl out and pop some balloons on top of buried Dragina and laugh and laugh as i really expose myself to her in the meanwhile. What a fun day we had! Hope you think so too!

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