Vivienne & Fayth Strictly Bound & Suffering

9:27 video

I consider Mr. Ogre a good friend of mine and is also the Master to Vivienne Velvets. He knows I trust him with anything he comes up with in regards to bdsm. In this particular case, rope. Vivienne has no choice but to endure whatever he hands to her but this time, her and I suffer together. We both assumed since we are in our casual active wear, yoga pants, and converse Allstar sneakers, whatever he came up with wouldn't be all to bad. Haaa, we were very wrong on this. The way the ropes connect our bodies forcing the other to suffer the more the other struggles. I of course struggle a lot. I cant help it, inturn pretty much causing Vivienne to choke and gag and suffer so beautifully. Our ball gagged mouths don't allow for clear words to be spoken and the added rope Mr Ogre adds makes things so much worse, or better???  I really enjoyed suffering w Vivienne and I hope you enjoy the view too;)

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