Zipped Tied On Knees In Spain (Pre & Post Interview)

32:43 video

Every year I am lucky enough to be invited to Spain, its tradition that Andreas from supertightbondage (dot) come zipties me in a cruel tight unforgivable inescapable lovely way. Typically its a hogtie but I never know what his plans are for me until it happens. This long video has my very nervous anticipated pre-tie "interview" to show you just what is going on in my head, how I am dealing with my nervousness and what I feel about zipties and the mental aspect of it. Its so much more than just getting bound to say the least. 

Once I am done telling you everything I can about how I am feeling before Andreas gets his hands and zipties on me, He then gets to the fun part. I'm already surprised as I will not be in a hogtie of sorts, I suppose it still is, I'm just on my knees instead on laying on my belly. With every ziptie that goes onto my body, the more stuck and bound I get. The less I move, the less I smile outwardly, the happier I am. 

I don't give him too much verbal grief, I just let him do his thing with a few other kinksters watching in the background as you can see, I go into my own headspace, my subspace, my peaceful place and let the restraints take me away. 

I trust Andreas with all my heart, the zipties hurt, the ziptes dig into my skin, pull my head back, hold my head back, gag me, and keep me where I like to be, outside, bound and helpless. 

By the time he is done, I cant even move my pinky toes and my mind is as blank as can be and I am filled with so much joy, fear, but am still and bound hard and tight.

Once he is done taking a few pictures, he cuts me out as you watch my body slowly get released, my face grimace in pain as they burn when cut off my skin and ungagged. I smile immediately, I am in my happy headspace and I want more. He does give me more...(in another video)

I then go back to my room to tell you all about it and show you my zip tie marks all over my body.


I am so happy, so giddy, so euphoric. I wish this bondage therapy could happen everyday!

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