Bonus Update: Constance Bound & Gagged Under Pendulum

31:11 video

My perilous pendulum of doom has whispered Constance name in my ear in a dream and so it must happen! She is tightly bound with leather cuffs on her ankles and wrists as unforgiving chain connect her stretched across the metal table of terror. She is cleave gagged with a black bandana as we here the clicking up the winch to pull her arms up as tight as her body will allow forcing her elbows to lock straight and up revealing her shiny oiled up armpits, tits, and everything in between. She is only wearing a skimpy pair of black thongs showing up her legs, belly, and barefeet too.  The pendulum slowly lowers as she verbally protests with all she has. The look in her eyes are of terrifying defeat as she follows the swinging pendulum with her eyes and head at times. Her muffled moans and umphhs and cries only becomes worse and louder as it lowers oh so slowly to her awaiting stretched and sucked in bare belly directly over her bellybutton. Constances' smooth and shaven armpits glisten so lovely as her arms cant cover them nor can she escape this peril. Eventually the pendulum lowers enough to pierce her belly button skin causing her to scream for mercy but instead the pendulum keeps swinging and slicing causing red fluid to pool up and splatter on the metal table. The pain is too much for her to bare as she crossed her eyes helplessly eventually succumbs to the pain of the slicing as you get a good look at her now silent, limp, and still cleave gagged and helplessly stretched body. 

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