Huge Blow to Pop In a Pub

16:09 video

I love balloons, I love pubs, so why not combine them to create a masterpiece. I have the luxury and freedom to use this bar and pub environment before any patrons arrive to drink so I take advantage of not scaring anyone else but you with my balloon shenanigans. I try to put a deflated balloon on my 1 way valve but it breaks, so i grab a tougher bigger balloon to put on my handy mouth valve. I then make myself at home on top of the bar with rows and rows of bottles behind me. My feet are bare and my ass is round in my snug yoga pants. I talk to you a bit but i really get down to business blowing this huge sucker up. I express my thoughts and concerns but I am determined to give this balloon all i got to blow2pop it. Even with the 1 way valve, it gets very difficult to blow and force air inside of it, but i am not a quitter, so i keep on inflating this sucker up with my mouth until i gets so huge, so big, so tight, until it just cant take anymore of my wrath. It explodes with one last breath of mine and the boom noise it makes is so loud, so amazing, and such a thrill. I then take you with to find the shard that flew across the bar. Wow, now this is a perfect time well spent in a pub even without a drink in hand, yet;)

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